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Salesforce – CRM

Salesforce, an Innovator in offering Cloud-based Solutions is also the undisputed leader in the CPM space. Salesforce packages and after various
CRM Functions and Features such as Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce as separate yet well-integrated modules an the SAAS Platform_
Salesforce products are viewed by the Global user community as Solutions that promote a high degree
of Customer Engagement, Automation and Analytics.

What does Salesforce CRM Do?

  • CRM helps to keep all customer-related data in one, easily accessible place. This enables everyone in the company to access the information whenever needed.
  • It helps in keeping track of all the interactions that the company has with customers via phone calls, emails, SMS, chats, and tickets.
  • CRM helps to standardize the sales process, helping your sales team close deals quicker. CRM also provides the sales team with a proper guide to close deals.
  • CRM predicts sales pretty accurately, enabling you to make accurate forecasts.
  • CRM helps you predict customer needs so that you are prepared before they come to you.
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